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As part of the Black Swimming Association’s commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) they have commissioned AKD Solutions to carry out research and gather data to support ethnically diverse communities and their relationship with water and water-based activity.

Participating as an interviewee is an exciting role as the results of the research will lead to the creation of new data streams which will assist the BSA to strengthen, influence and shape culturally appropriate policy within the sector.
By completing the survey you will be helping to support the cultural change required to reduce barriers and advance equality and promote inclusion throughout the aquatic sector.

The survey will take between 10  – 15 minutes – after which we would encourage you to register from one of the many forums we will be facilitating enabling you to expand upon your experiences and relationship with water based activities including swimming.

All information will be confidential and only used for research purposes.  We follow current GDPR guidance and your information will be secure.

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